Living Pain Free After Knee Surgery

Knee pain was a way of life for Earline Madden, Radiologic Technologist at AnMed Health. She had already been diagnosed with arthritis and has a family history of joint degeneration. Frequent visits to both an orthopaedic doctor and her primary care physician led to several years of steroid injections. She would feel better for a while but the pain always returned. Eventually, even the injections didn’t work any more. For an active person who works on her feet and moves constantly throughout the day, the knee pain was completely disrupting her life.

Her job at the hospital requires her to be on her feet; moving constantly and helping patients maneuver around imaging equipment. At times, when assisting patients, she would fight back the tears. At home, she loves to shop with friends, walk for exercise, get out and about as much as possible. But that deteriorated too, and when it did, she saw her quality of life sliding rapidly downhill when she should be enjoying the prime of her life. 

Blessings in your own backyard

As a radiologic technologist, Earline works with many hospital staff members daily. Dr. Darius Divina, an orthopaedic surgeon for AnMed Health Community Orthopaedics is one of them. She noticed his manner and truly caring personality immediately. He always seemed to be genuinely kind, thoughtful and engaging with his patients. His friendly demeanor put her at ease and prompted her to make an appointment to discuss her knee pain.

After the initial appointment, he performed a couple of steroid injections to alleviate the pain. But, when she returned again, still in pain, he determined it was time for knee arthroscopy. This is a procedure that allows the physician to view the joint using a small camera to better diagnose and treat the knee problem. Minimally invasive, this procedure usually provides some relief for patients. However, Earline’s case was unique.

Unfortunately, Earline’s history with joint degeneration and arthritis were too far advanced for the arthroscopy to remedy. Dr. Divina felt strongly that Earline would benefit from knee replacement surgery—no more shots.

A pain free future and memorable experience

Dr. Divina provided Earline with all the information she needed to make an informed decision about knee replacement surgery. His team worked diligently with the insurance company to make sure Earline got the coverage she needed. From diagnosis forward, she felt comfortable knowing that the entire team was giving her expert care, informing her throughout the process so she felt empowered to make good decisions. She knew the surgery and ensuing physical therapy to follow would be hard and painful. But, she also knew she was in good hands.

As she emerged from knee replacement surgery, although prepared for the tough stages of recovery to come, she felt relief. Surrounded by a caring, courteous team of hospital professionals she began her path to recovery. After 3-4 days in the hospital, the Community Orthopaedics team arranged for home care through the Total Joint Academy. In working daily with her physical therapist she learned that the Community Orthopaedics team had an excellent reputation outside of the hospital as well. Her therapist also had great professional experiences working with them; from good follow through and consistent professionalism to kind and courteous personal interactions.

The positive experience and professional approach encouraged Earline to work hard throughout her physical therapy. Even when her therapist was not around, she worked hard on her exercises, building strength. She knew from informative conversations and preparation before surgery that therapy would be key to a full recovery.

Today, Earline is living pain free. She sees Dr. Divina regularly on the job. Both are very happy with her results. This surgery was a game-changer for Earline. She has her life back, a memorable experience to share and she has Community Orthopaedics to thank.